About Jamaica

Our ancestors  from Africa, Europe and Asia have helped shape Jamaica, and make it the  multifaceted mosaic of international customs and traditions it is today.

Other Details

Our creativity is perhaps most tangible in our visual art, which uses our country's inspirational palette to give a physical reflection of everything we are, have been and will be. Learn more
Dancing is an integral part of everyday Jamaican life. We dance everywhere and for all occasions – for worship, cultural celebrations, formal events and social gatherings. Learn more
Folk Music
Thumping, infectious and passionate sounds are the trademarks of Reggae, Jamaica’s most internationally recognized music and the heartbeat of our people. Learn more
Our cuisine is as diverse as our people, as unique as our island. If there’s one thing that Jamaican people love it’s a “likkle bickle”. Learn more
Religion is omnipresent in Jamaica – everywhere you go it permeates academic debates, ceremonies, business and political life. Learn more
For centuries, Jamaica has welcomed settlers from all around the world. This small island has played host to the Amerindians who discovered it, to Europeans who fought to own it, to Africans forced to call it home, and to Asians, Indians and Middle Easterners searching for a better life. Learn more
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The perfect place for a group of friends to connect and spend meaningful time together with no disturbances. The staff is amazing and we enjoyed every moment at Golden Castle.

Jon Levy
Host of the Influencer Dinners

Such an inviting place, you'll feel right at home in Jamaica with the friendly staff and awesome service. Highly recommended.

Camille Bidermann Roizen
Executive Director, Internation Emmy Awards

You feel like you are so far away, but really everything is right there. Great location and a well designed home. Thanks for the hospitality. I enjoyed our stay.

Rahzel Brown
Musician, The Godfather of noise

What more do you need to wake up to than amazing view of an awesome golfcourse? It's really a wonderful place run by even more wonderful people. I especially enjoyed the home cooked meals.

Richard Kind
Hollywood Actor